About Jaynie Higgins

Jaynie Higgins is Chairperson and CEO of 'Life-abetes Wealth' LLC a company specializing in living Life-abetes until a cure! Life-abetes was designed to assist individuals, organizations, healthcare providers and companies through training by example.   Prior to the founding of Life-abetes, Jaynie developed and found 'Sweet Seniors Guest House' a long term care facility for senior citizens. She operated the home with a passion for seniors and a love for her residents. Her career as a consultant accelerated after she was crowned Mrs. Maine America with a platform of Senior Citizen Awareness and Diabetes. She continues to carry the torch for diabetes awareness even today.  

A Health and Wellness Consultant, Certified Fitness Trainer, Gerontology Certified Recreational and Activities Coordinator, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author of the 'Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner', a complete system for eating healthy in four easy steps, Jaynie wants to share her personal experience with diabetes and her zest and joy for living every day with the world around her.  

The completion of her book, 'The Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner' represented her life's work and more than eight years of collaborative effort with her co-author, David Groetzinger.  The reviews and testimonials that have been generated by the book have been most rewarding and exceeded expectations.  

Jaynie's career choices speak volumes about how one can live an exciting, hectic and joyful life, while managing an incurable disease.  Her diabetes has lead her on a path of personal wellness and success that may not have happened if she was diabetes free. Jaynie has consulted with many individuals, corporate wellness programs, and healthcare facilities.  She has addressed topics such as exercise, nutrition, diabetes, senior wellness, school health programs, and she does all of this work with an eagerness that inspires everyone she meets.  

Jaynie has traveled across the nation, she has been active in community and state affairs and has an ultimate dream of working with youth throughout America to curb the crisis of childhood obesity. She has created the 'Healthy Me America' program which takes her work in Maine to other parts of the country to improve school lunch programs.

Jaynie is creative and unforgettable. One example that suggests her energy is represented by a fund raising initiative when Jaynie and her team built the world's largest Epsicle (original formula two stick) Popsicle which weighed in at 17,450 pounds. It still holds the Guinness World Record and is featured in Florida's 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' and graced the pages of numerous newspapers as well as Stars and Stripes in Europe.