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Planning Ahead A New Book Lays Out Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plans and Teaches Healthy Eating Habits

By Katie Bunker March 2009

When people ask former Mrs. Maine America Jaynie Higgins how she always stays in such great shape, she has an answer for them: "It's all about meal planning."

Higgins, a certified personal trainer who has type 1 diabetes, works as a health and wellness consultant. In addition to developing fitness routines, she has also logged countless hours preparing meal plans for people trying to lead healthier lifestyles. Now she's applying that skill, along with coauthor David Groetzinger, in the new book, The Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner, published by the American Diabetes Association.

The book takes a yearlong approach to meal planning, with each week's food and recipe choices mapped out based on daily caloric intake (there are 1,500-, 1,800-, 2,000-, and 2,200-calorie-a-day plans). It's laid out a week at a time, giving 4 weeks of meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and exchange information for all four seasons of the year.

"A lot of people don't know how to get on a meal plan and stay on it," says Higgins, who also founded an assisted living facility, working with many residents who had diabetes and figuring out how to adjust their menus accordingly. Learning how to eat is one of the most difficult things about a diabetes diagnosis, Higgins says. So she tries to teach important concepts that can be used with or without a meal plan, such as learning how to get enough nutrients each day and how to calculate carbs and caloric intake. "One of the healthiest ways to cook," Higgins says, is to "stop at your grocery store and go to the produce department. Trade a regular cracker for a whole grain cracker. Get string cheese instead [of regular]." Every shopping trip is a chance, she says, to change the way your whole family eats—for the better.


Life-abetes™ was designed to assist individuals, organizations, healthcare providers and companies through training by example. Prior to founding Life-abetes™; Jaynie was also the developer, owner and administrator of "Sweet Seniors Guest House"; a licensed senior citizens facility. As well, a former Mrs. Maine America who's platform was Senior and Diabetes awareness which both she holds an incredible passion for even today.

Jaynie's wellness career is that of many hats! As a health and wellness consultant, certified fitness trainer, certified recreational & activities coordinator/director in Gerontology, a life coach, motivational speaker and author of the "Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner". The "Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner" is a complete system for eating healthy in four easy steps..........

This eight plus year endeavor with her co-author David Groetzinger was so worth the years invested for the reviews and testimonials of affirmation have exceeded their expectations!

Jaynie's career choice amplifies one can live a wonderfully hectic lifestyle even with an incurable disease and prove that\her personal obstacle living with diabetes brought rewarding opportunities both personally and professionally. "Jaynie stated"; who knows whether her career path may have taken a totally different path had she been diabetes free....

From obstacle to opportunity, a positive mindful practice and the heart to help others brings us together today.

Jaynie consults for many individuals, corporate wellness programs, health care facilities and etc. - addressing topics from exercise, nutrition, diabetes, senior wellness & program development, school assemblies, in-services, workshops and oodles of extra's; barely touch the endless mission, glowing example and role model.

She has traveled across country, active in community and State of Maine affairs. Jaynie served on the State of Maine "InforMe" (Information Resource of Maine) board of Director's for nearly 10 years and has ambitious plans to present and direct her "Healthy Me America" school lunch pilot - curriculum to the President of the United State and First Lady.......

Her whimsical side is beyond the norm........

To share one example - As a fund-raising initiative; Jaynie and team built the world's largest Epsicle (original formula two stick) popsicle which weighed in at 17,450 pounds - still holding the Guinness World Record and featured in Florida's"Ripley's Believe It or Not" and graced the pages of numerous AP releases as well as "Stars & Stripes" in Europe.

Personal future initiative is to create and open "Kamp Culinary Kids"; a juvenile cooking summer school especially designed for JD children. 


Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner


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Fitness and nutrition expert Jaynie Higgins takes the guess work out of diabetes meal 

planning and puts everything you need in

one amazing collection. Packed with the meal plans that have

successfully guided her and her students toward health, the

Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner presents the same principles Jaynie used to manage her own diabetes and change her lifestyle.With 16 weeks of meal plans and over 325 amazing recipes,

the Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner will guide you toward a healthy, diabetes-friendly lifestyle. Inside, you’ll find weeks of personalized meal plans in four different calorie levels.

Shopping lists make grocery shopping a breeze. Nutritious,tasty recipes will have you cooking entire meals in no time.

Take the mystery out of food and diabetes in just 4 easy steps!

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